How to Fix up a Home with Sustainable Practices

How to Fix up a Home with Sustainable Practices

There are a few homes out there that sell for as little as $1 USD. Many people would not go this route. They commonly believe that something has to be wrong with the house. While, on the other hand, you have that one who see opportunity. A sustainable opportunity.

For homes like this, it would be a good idea to buy one or maybe even two and fix them with sustainable practices. Sustainable livings could be, rainwater harvesting, growing a community garden, investing in solar energy and efficient fixtures within the home.

Since the homes around Detroit Michigan run as low as $1. It would be a good start to start renovating them. Some homes have damaged and for as low as a $1 you should have already known that.
One home is a run-down three bedrooms that stand at 11815 Elmdale St within the Conner neighborhood of Detroit. The windows are boarded to protect the vandals for damaging them. Since this is an older home I would first start with energy efficient windows and doors.

To make sure that the cold and hot air stays in the home. This home was repossessed because of the US housing market failure. Since 2001, many people have lost their jobs. This has contributed to the increase of poverty and homelessness. That is just one more reason to grow a community garden, help feed the homeless and poverty driven people.

Ideally, if you wish to have a sustainable home you will need to make sure it is energy efficient, water efficient, recycle, the land can handle a garden and you are using practices to make sure you aren’t polluting too much.

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Rainwater Harvesting

We all know that paying for water can sometimes get expensive. Rainwater harvesting is a buildup and installation of rainwater for using on-site. Instead of letting it run off. Water gathered from rivers, roofs, wells, shafts, and boreholes it where you can find rainwater for harvesting. Rainwater systems setup can either be a simple one for a more complex one. Before you have your rainwater system built you will need to use digital told. Such as, if you wish to determine if the region has a high rainwater potential. Rainwater harvesting maps can be made with the help of an online interactive tool.

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Rainwater harvesting gives you an independent water supply within the regional water restrictions. This system provides you water when there is a drought and also lowers the demand on wells.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a glowing light and heat from the Sun. This is an important source of renewable energy. The technologies are sketchily categorized as passive solar or active solar. One of the most rewarding advantages of solar energy is that it is completely free and has an unlimited supply.

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By using solar energy, you are contributing to a less polluted earth. If you replace the non-renewable energy with solar energy, you will be environmentally friendly and it will help you financially.

Efficient Fixtures

By replacing your current practices and helping the installation of efficient shower heads, toilets, and washing machines, you are contributing to the conservation of the Earth’s most valuable resource and that is water. For instance, these fixtures may include items from the EPA’s Water Sense program.

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The EPA stated that to produce, transport and process waste water takes a lot of energy. Since less than 1% of the Earth’s water is freshwater, it is absolutely important that sustainable water is properly used at the societal and individual level.

Grow A Garden for All of the Homes Surrounding Yours

To grow a garden, you must first engage within the community. You should do this by first bringing people together. This will help them learn what problems are the most important to the community. Start with a garden. With the garden is up and running, go around and let everyone know.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. Taking care of a garden can be hard work. You should remember to always plan ahead so the garden will continue to grow for many years.

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