The Sustainability of LED Lights

The Sustainability of LED Lights

Halogen light bulbs are found in a variety of places in any household. They are mostly used for spot lights. For instance, landscaping lighting that is meant to light specific areas. They have also been used for many other reasons around the home. These particular bulbs are very inexpensive within the short term. This may be the reason for their every growing popularity.

A thorough study of the halogen lights will surprise some consumers. This is because, in reality, the bulbs are not as environmentally friendly or as cheap as they appear. The faults have become very significant when compared to LED lighting. A difference between the LED and the halogens are very significant. This will add up to hundred if not even thousands of dollars wasted yearly if the wrong option is picked.

Halogen Light
Halogen Light

With a tiny bit of comparison, if it fairly easy to see why LED is a big contestant for becoming the best option for your lighting needs. In the following we take a closer look:

Energy Use

The power bill is the second most expensive bill for an average household. Just about one-third of the power bill is most likely due to the lighting in the home. In some instances, that proportion will be as much as 80% – 90%. This all depends on how many light bulbs are being used in the home and how many times that they switched on to off and how long are the switched on for. The cost of having just any bulb in measured by the watts that it will take for it to run for a continuous hour. Most halogen bulbs do need anywhere form 35 – 500 watts to produce the same portion of the light. Halogen bulbs will have used as much as 9 times more than a general LED globe. For a basic office or large home with outdoor lighting, this could save us thousands of dollars each year.

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Comparing the LED bulbs to the halogen bulbs, the lifespan is just about 1,000 to 2,000 hours. Next compare that to LED light whose lifespan is about 50,000 hours. If you would compare that, that means that a consumer who chose the halogen bulb would have to change 20 bulbs for 1 LED bulb burned out. When you compare the price of the bulbs and the time wasted going to the store then going home to change them then you will see that LED bulbs rule over the Halogen bulbs.


We all have those places in the house where we need excellent lighting at. For instance, for preparing dinner and snacks, you will need top quality lighting. While Halogen bulbs do an ok job with brightness, they also make light by producing heat. Extra heat is the last thing anyone wants in their kitchen. Heat from the halogen bulbs can be very dangerous also. May home fires have been caused by halogen bulbs and lamps. Also, kids can have serious burns if they come into contact with a bulb.

Now the LED bulbs stay very cool if they are touched by accident, no matter how long they have been lit for. They will not make a lot of heat like the halogen bulbs do. This is in part because they are way more effective when changing electricity. You know what this means? Energy bill savings and virtually no kids accidently burning themselves.

In conclusion, the halogen bulbs cannot top LED bulbs. If you have every used halogen bulbs before then you should know that the light quality is not too bad at all, when in comparison to the old incandescent bulb. However, you should keep in mind that by using the LED bulbs, your lights will be a lot brighter than a halogen bulb and the LED bulb can consolidate light into a single direction. This is ideal for reading.

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