Cinnamon as Your all Around Garden Helper

Cinnamon as Your all Around Garden Helper

WARNING: Before trying any of these at home, please make sure that nobody in your household is allergic to cinnamon as the powder is very strong and can cause very serious health issues.

When you say cinnamon, people will mostly think of desserts while others might think of stew. But did you know that cinnamon could help you with your gardening? Here are a few tips that could turn your garden woes into garden “whoas”.

1. Promote seedling growth

If you’ve ever taken care of plants before, you’ll know that there are multiple diseases that may affect seedlings before or after they sprout. These diseases are most commonly known by the term “dampening off” which can cause your seedlings to face an early extinction.

“Dampening off” is mostly caused by fungi in the soil or just bad soil in general. If you’ve faced this in the past then there’s no need to worry, cinnamon is your best friend. Cinnamon is an effective anti-fungal treatment for gardening. By simply dusting your soil, you can say byebye to any diseases that may threaten your plant babies.

2. Mushrooms

I know your pots don’t have “mush room” for these “fun guys” and cinnamon might be the answer to your dilemmas. As we said before, cinnamon is a proven fungus exterminator for your plants. But instead of dusting the soil, you can apply the cinnamon powder directly on the mushroom and see it go away.

3. Root Grower

If you’re veering away from the chemicals sold at your gardening supplies store, you might want to consider using cinnamon as your organic rooting hormone. Just apply the powder to the base and lower end of the cut plant and place it on the soil. No need for the commercial, chemical ones as this organic alternative works way better, plus it’s better for the environment.

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4. A Natural Salve for Your Plants

If you’ve accidentally hurt your plants or might have trimmed the wrong way, don’t feel too bad and apply cinnamon powder to the broken area. This ensures the plant does not get infections from outside sources and the process also promotes for faster healing.

5. Home Garden Maintenance

Plants that are sheltered indoors sometimes becomes a home for mold and mildew. If you’re experiencing this problem, just sprinkle cinnamon powder on the affected area and the mold and mildew should disappear. This method is also helpful if you have any gnats affecting your plants as the cinnamon will act like an organic bug repellent that’s sure to keep your plants safe.


Have some ants crawling in your home? Don’t worry, just sprinkle the cinnamon powder on their entrances and you’ll have an ant free home in no time at all (note: you may have to reapply since this is not a permanent thing). If you’ve already put powder on your garden beds, ants will pester you no longer.

These are only a few of the many great uses of the cinnamon spice. It’s not just for the kitchen, but for your garden as well.

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