Sustainability, Good or Evil?

Sustainability, Good or Evil?

The days of wanted fake luxury that were desired has disappeared. We have been getting away with generating a mythological view of indulgence with glossed copies and expensive price tags. Money marked the distance that divided the different classes. The internet has made a more self-assured consumer and the money in it did not only make thing more self-ruled but taste and awareness have been made more worldly.

If asked about what luxury meant to me, it would be just one more hour to myself and a bigger better garden that everyone in the neighborhood could enjoy together. Seclusion and pressure have led the luxury industry by providing the consumer anxiety to make money.

The choices we have are much clearer to notice as we age. It is difficult to put a cover on our eyes when a product loses meaning over time. For this reason, the luxury branding is properly moving from fads to a more classic feel.

Strategies Not Content

Design, material, quality and manufacturing are content. Now luxury cannot ever be produced with a strategy as the end will only help within the communications.

To make that a little more lucid, for instance, if you are hungry nothing in the world matters but you getting your vital organic need, as food would be the real luxury here.

sustain good or evil

To make your luxury sustainable, you must create the products that will finally progress into organic needs. For this is the real motive that luxury is an individual phenomenon.

The fashion and the press have come together to mislead consumers about the luxury. Taking a look back at the past, the technology that progressed and the simple product was the luxury. Just about everything in the world became a limited edition and well, the producers in China laughed all the way to the bank.

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Luxury should not be based on projections of growth and future. You are the only one selling that particular idea of luxury. When the real luxury is rare, hard to find. This is about speaking of the need, not the wants, what the core really needs is very little.

The Real Question is – Does Luxury give us Happiness?

The feasting of luxury items today is definitely not just about the consumer. This is about the insights and the effects of changes in the communities.

A product that will not positively reinforce the community buildings and maintaining the ecological balance will not be declared a sustainable luxury. To declare a product a truly sustainable luxury, the consumptions and manufacturing need to fall within the proper criteria.

A lot of different theories are published about luxury, here I want to clear up what sustainability is. This is about a victory of good over evil. Luxury is supposed to provide you with pa pure happiness. Pure happiness will only exist within ideal situations. Others are the farce and there will soon be an increasing number of people will wish to see through it. If happiness is not a piece of the transactions that it will not, please for very long. This will make it unsustainable.

sustain good or evil 03

A simple analogy between luxury and a restaurant. It does not matter how many flourishes a restaurant has, that alone will not sustain if the food is not good. The Disney film, Ratatouille will easily show you this!

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