Plantagos: A Medicinal Herb that can be found in your Driveway

Plantagos: A Medicinal Herb that can be found in your Driveway

You may have seen this plant, stepped on it, and even weeded it out to clean your driveway, but little did you know that that same plant could be used as herbal medicine.

The Plantagos herb, also known as plantains (no, not the banana), has been used since the 1600s by the Native Americans for medicinal purposes. In ancient folklore, the Native Americans called the plant “White Man’s Foot”, the reason being that the plants only grew on the disrupted soil where the Europeans stepped on.

It also provided as a healing treatment for people whose digestive systems were damaged by medications such as anti-inflammatory, pain, or antibiotics. Hikers also use it in case of mosquito attacks since the herb has astringent properties which draw toxins away from blood. It can be chewed or crushed then added to a poultice to aid with bee stings, acne, rashes, or slivers.


Plantains have been used for several purposes such as but not limited to:

• Antibacterials
• Antidotes
• Astringents
• Anti-inflammatory
• Antiseptics
• Antitussives
• Demulcents
• Diuretics
• Expectorant
• Haemostatics
• Laxative
• Ophthalmics
• Poultice
• Refrigerant
• Vermifuges

There have also been records of the herb being used as an alternative treatment for asthma, hypertension, blood sugar control, and even rheumatism.

The leaves itself are edible and are often used in salads or cooked as pot herbs. It can be steeped for tea, or be made into syrup. The seeds of the plant can also be eaten before meals to promote weight loss due to its absorbable fiber.

Presently, there are more than 200 species of plantains. Surprisingly, all of them bear the same effects. They are present everywhere and can grow in poor soil conditions.
People can have many benefits by using the herb as it provides natural and organic treatment for illnesses without the risk of damaging internal organs with medicine.

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