Upside-Down Tomato Garden DIY

Upside-Down Tomato Garden DIY

We know that a lot of people want to grow tomatoes but simply do not have a backyard spacious enough for it or do not even have a backyard at all. Here’s a simple solution to remedy that: the upside-down tomato garden. You’ll be able to plant tomatoes and hang them vertically and they’ll consume only a very small amount of space.

Do you want to build your own upside-down tomato garden? Here’s a list of materials below. Take note that the materials listed is for ONE plant only, if you want to plant several just adjust accordingly. So without further ado, here’s how to do it.

Our Animated Version, via The Sustainability Box On Youtube

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First, you need the following materials:
• 5-gallon plastic buckets
• Tomato seedling
• Soil Mix for potting
• Newspaper
• 3/16” nylon rope
• A frame for your plants to hang (something sturdy since the plants are going to be a bit heavy)
• A hand drill (preferably with a hole saw tip)

Once you’ve gathered the materials, you can go ahead and proceed with the next steps:

step by step upside down tomato 01

1. Take the bucket and drill a 3” hole at the center of the base. If your bucket doesn’t have holes for the handles, drill two 1/4” holes on the sides a few inches from the top side of the bucket. This hole on the bottom is where the plant is going to end up, and the holes on the sides are for your hanging support. Place around 4’ long nylon cords through the holes for hanging.

step by step upside down tomato - 02

2. Place several sheets of newspaper in the bottom of the bucket. Afterwards, fill the bucket halfway with the potting soil.

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step by step upside down tomato -03

3. Carefully uproot the tomato seedling if you haven’t yet. Tilt the bucket to the side and cut a slit in the newspaper for your seedling to pass through. Do not worry about the soil spilling out of the hole since the newspaper would catch it. Once you’ve positioned the plant, you can now finish filling the bucket with the soil.

step by step upside down tomato - 04

4. Make sure to check that soil is not coming out from the bottom of the bucket before you hang it. If you’re comfortable with it, feel free to hang it on your frame. Water the plant with warm water to avoid transplant shock. Apply some liquid soluble fertilizer as necessary. You only need to apply this every 2 weeks so if you’ve already placed some before you re-potted the plant.

step by step upside down tomato - 05

5. Voila! Your upside-down garden is complete. Be sure to keep the plants hydrated at least once a day to make sure they grow healthy. If the weather is too hot, water them twice a day.

step by step grow tomato 2

Remember that growing tomatoes need a lot of patience. Any plant could perish if not taken care of properly so make sure you take care of them well.

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