A Refrigerator that Uses Earth to Run

A Refrigerator that Uses Earth to Run

“Groundfridge” (or cooler earth) is the name of an innovative technological device that projects a bright future in terms of energy consumption. This cooler is created by the Dutch, Floris Schoonderbeek, who inspired the design of the basement making him develop a device that only needs the land to operate. This revolutionary invention employs an ancient preservation method based on the natural insulation of the earth and the cooling effect of groundwater that keeps vegetables and drinks at 12 ° C throughout the year.

This eco-friendly and sustainable project raises the possibility of replacing conventional fridge for a device that does not require electricity to operate. Many appliances could be replaced by sustainable options such as a manual dishwashing that saves water and energy, or the washing machine pedal that does not need electricity.


The “Groundfridge” is made from environmentally friendly materials, trying to reduce the carbon footprint in its manufacturing process. It also has a capacity of 3,000 liters and the possibility to accommodate up to 50 kg in food; equivalent to 20 refrigerators.

The Structure and Design:

The refrigerator has a spherical shape and measures 2.30 meters in diameter. The interior contains wooden shelves which are ideal for storing vegetables, fruits, wine and cheese.

While food preservation is a daily necessity, we do not always reflect on the importance of sustainable return it. Options, as presented by Schoonderbeek, opens the world to new possibilities that allow us to protect the environment for future generations to come.

With the slogan “Keep your fresh food, without electricity bills” this invention is expected to be avant-garde in an eco-friendly initiative that could change the way we eat and store food.

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